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Month: May 2019

Effects of Foreclosure in California

Maybe you’ve seen the signs in your own neighborhood and wondered, “Are we buy houses companies credible”? The advertisements talk about companies that buy houses for cash fast, but they do not talk about if cash house buyers are safe or reputable. Just like any industry, there are those who are dishonest, but investing in real estate…
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Sell A House Fast in Southern California: 5 Tips For Success

Considering selling your house and want to do it as quickly as possible? Of course! Most people want that. We buy and sell houses all the time and have some proven tips on how to sell a house fast in Southern California… or any other town or city. We use these tips every time we sell a house we’ve…
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Real Estate News – California may get rid of SFR zoning

California Single Family Zoning May Be Eliminated Forced low density zoning is a big reason why California is beset by suburban sprawl. This increases housing costs, commute time, and is a massive ecological disaster. This doesn’t do away with picket fence homes- you can still live in them if you want, but current zoning laws…
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We Buy Houses Fast in Southern California, CA

We Buy Houses Fast in Southern California, CA Posted on: April 25th, 2019 by Juan, No Comments You’ve probably seen ‘we buy houses fast’ signs in Southern California, CA, and wondered what they were about. Well… we buy houses fast in Southern California, CA and I’ll tell you why. First of all, welcome to our blog. Here you’ll find plenty…
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