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Home Buying

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The Home Buying Process

Purchasing a new home is one of the most important, exciting and nerve racking experiences a person will go through.  There are a lot of things to consider: location, affordability and maintenance just to name a few.

Your Real Geek Agent will walk you through the whole process to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. 

One of the biggest mistakes home buyers do is to start searching for homes before they know how much they can afford.  The first step to any successful home purchase is to get Pre-Approved for a loan.  This will help guide the search for your perfect home.

Your Real Geek Agent will work with Our Loan Geeks to get you Pre-Approved. 

But price is just one aspect of a home search.  Here are a few others your Real Geek Agent will help you with.

Loan Pre-Approval

As we now know, getting Pre-Approved for a loan allows a buyer to know how much home they can afford and helps your Real Geek Agent focus on properties that fit your criteria.  We will NEVER put you in a position that we know you can’t afford.

Estimate Payment
Taxes and Insurance

Most people know they have to pay for taxes and insurance on their homes.  But did you know some properties are required to have flood insurance as well?  Your Real Geek Agent will identify any and all requirements on a property so you can budget accordingly.

Home Owners Association

One of the biggest surprise home buyers run into is HOA fees. HOA fees can range from 10’s to 100’s of dollars. Your Real Geek Agent will make sure to identify all fees related to any property to make sure you are not caught off gurad.


The escrow process is one of the most important parts of any home purchase.  In escrow, all information is validated and monies owed are calcualted.  Your Real Geek Agent works closely with the Escrow Officers to address any issue that may arise and make sure the process is completed as quickly as possible.

The Next Step….

Finding your
Perfect home

Once we know what you can afford, it’s time to find that perfect home.  Your Real Geek Agent will use your Pre-Approval to identify your price range and then will use your feature requirements to find you the BEST property we can.  Our focus is your happiness so we only show you properties we believe YOU want.  Let us know below, what kind of home you are looking for!


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