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Mortgage Fitness Checkup

Regular health check-ups are important, so is checking up on your personal finances.

It’s possible that you’re paying way more than you should every month on your loan because of mortgage insurance or a high-interest rate.  You may have some other high-interest debts that could be paid off with a lower-interest loan on the equity in your home.  Need home repairs or help with college tuition?

The possibilities are endless and TRG Mortgage Services is here to help find the best option for you.

We’re offering a no-obligation finance check-up on your current financial performance with our loan pulse program.

Potential Symptoms

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest impacts

Interest rates are at historical lows. If you’ve haven’t refinanced in the last couple of years, or recently did a cash out refinance, you could be paying too much.

High Interest Rate

Did you put less than 20% down on your home purchase and forced to pay mortgage insurance? Home values have reached an all time high.  Refinancing now could remove your mortgage insurance!

Mortgage Insurance

Do you have children getting ready to go to college? Don’t let them go into debt with student loans.  Home values are at all time highs and you may have the equity to help pay for your kid’s tuition!

College Tuition

Have a leaky faucet ? Want to finally add central air to beat the heat? Home prices are at all time highs, tapping into your home equity could help you with all your home projects!

Home Repairs

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